Optimize Your Inventory With Retail-Ready Packaging!

Cut down costs and simplify ordering,replenishing and inventory audits with Retail-Ready Packaging from EKTEQ.
All accessories are labeled with unique SKUs, UPC codes and descriptions, so that you can better control your inventory.

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protective cases

Protective Cases

Protective cases are packaged in our Safire, Opal or Silo Retail-Ready Packaging. Ensure a professional and uniformed store appearance across all your Wireless Retail Stores while maintaining attractive wholesale costs.

protective case
tempered glass

Tempered Glass

You have the choice of either purchasing Safire Envelope or Safire Premium Full-Covered Tempered Glass. Either choice will ensure your customers are receiving the highest quality Tempered Glass while maintaining a consistent store appearance.

protective case

Bluetooth Speakers

Our wide selection of bluetooth Speakers are also shipped conveniently to your store with our retail-Ready Packaging.

protective cases
bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Headsets

We offer a huge selection on Bluetooth headsets with Retail-Ready Packaging from brands like TWS, LG, Samsung and Moxie.

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